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scanned wedding pictures-part 2

March 18, 2009

I scanned more pictures.  I hope the photographer post the pictures cause there are more pictures that we didn’t buy. 

Anyway, enjoy what I have scanned.  Some pictures are combined together…didn’t feel like editing.

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Scanned Wedding Pictures

March 9, 2009

Finally got my wedding pictures from my photographer.  Scanned a few of the pictures.  Sorry, they are not high quality scanning.  To lazy to edit.

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Candid Wedding Pictures

January 15, 2009

Thank you to all that took beautiful pictures on our special day.  Pictures credit to Kristine, Arol, and Jennylee.

Official pictures coming soon.

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Engagement Photos

November 9, 2008

Some engagement photos I scanned.

Bridal Shower

October 25, 2008

Enjoyed my bridal shower.  Thanks to Liseth and Kristine for the memorable day.


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